Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the world, affecting an average of one out of four people. It is something that is difficult to treat quickly.

Most of the time, it is a chronic problem that seriously limits people’s everyday lives. Perhaps you’ve also had to fight against the pain, struggling to move with ease. Maybe you’ve missed days of work or missed out on fun because your back just couldn’t support you.

If you want to get rid of back pain once and for all, you absolutely need to learn about a little-known secret that only a few people have had the fortune of discovering: back pain, like many other ailments, always has psychological foundation that is tied to what you are feeling.

Isn’t that amazing?

Emotions like rage, sadness, frustration, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem are just some of the dangerous “killers” that make it hard for your back to stay in good health.

These emotions make their way into various areas of the spine, ultimately causing physical problems.

Have you ever felt stressed or angry for a few hours during the day and then that evening had soreness in various parts of the body, especially in the back?
I would bet this has happened to you, and I would also venture to guess that you had no idea that the pain was a result of all the negative emotions you felt during the day.
Underestimating the power of emotions is a serious mistake. Emotions are truly powerful, and if you repress them for too long, it’s like setting up a ticking time bomb that can go off when you least expect it in different areas of the body, but especially in the back.
Your illness is telling you that it is time to rid yourself of certain situations or people that are causing you to suffer. That now it is time to make the necessary changes to better your life and, therefore, your health.
I am telling you this because I’ve been through it all myself. For more than 25 years, I had to deal with chronic low back pain. It wasn’t a simple backpain.

Often the pain prevented me from standing up for more than an hour, from tying my own shoes or simply vacuuming the floor.

This even though I’d never done any hard labor in my life and had never had any kind of accidents.

Then one day I decided enough was enough. I was tired of putting up with the limitations of a back that didn’t work right. Though I was constantly doing posture exercises and taking long walks, it just wasn’t enough. I needed to do something else, something I hadn’t yet tried.

I was able to definitively cure my back problems when I discovered that the pain I was having was created by me subconsciously.

It was the result of emotions and thoughts that limited me as well as my low self-esteem, which is something I’d struggled with for years.

These things had really been harmful to my body and soul. My subconscious had chosen my back as the preferred place for turning all of my negative emotions into physical pain.

How was I able to get rid of back pain after such a long time?
I used various coaching and mindfulness techniques that made me reflect on everything that wasn’t working inside of me.

So, I made a radical change in the way I dealt with situations and problems, without taking more on than I could handle.

I really improved my relationships with work colleagues and family members.

I was finally able to smile about my life and get back my range of motion. In fact, today as I write this, my back is in excellent shape.

Today, I can run and move in a way that I would have never imaged at age 30.

As it has probably become clear, there is always emotional pain at the root of back pain. It might be that, for example, you are doing a job you don’t particularly love.

Or maybe you are in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you or that is going through a difficult period.

There is no use in continuing to suffer and thinking that there is no solution. It is now time to think positively and to take action, discovering the true causes of your back pain, emotional causes that have been wrongfully underestimated.

Only when you discover why you have back pain you can free yourself from it forever

You can discover all of the secrets about back pain and emotions in my book, which is called

Free yourself from back pain with the secret power of emotions

This book is really an easy read.

You will be able to read it in less than two hours, even an adolescent would have no problem understanding it.

In the book, I will explain how and why emotions have a physical impact, especially on the back.

I will also reveal a unique strategy that nobody had ever developed up to now, to successfully take on the emotions responsible for back pain.

But that is not all. In the book, you will also learn:

What the major emotions are that have a physical impact, specifically on the neck, back and lower back.
The most effective tricks and the errors to avoid in dealing with back pain, with a winning spirit. So that your mind works in your favor instead of working against you.
A brief and simple explanation of the workings of the human body that tells how the emotions change the structure of cells.
How to change your behavior from “negative” to “positive” and change every emotion that threatens your back’s health.
Other important secrets for eliminating back pain.

Don’t you think it is worth it to spend two hours of your time in order to have a healthy back?

In addition to teaching you about the real causes of back pain, this book is equally effective for your personal growth and for improving all aspects of your life.

Because it will help you increase your self-awareness and awareness of your body. Most of all, it will train you to recognize subconscious traps in your mind, those traps stopping you from evolving.

Oops! I can’t give away all the information you will find in this e-book. So now it is up to you to discover it on your own.

The book” Free yourself from back pain with the secret power of emotions” is for:

Those who are convinced that the mind and body are strongly linked and that they constantly influence one another.
Those who believe that health greatly depends on our mental state, from the kinds of emotions we feel and our ability to manage them in the right way.
Those who understand that taking care of themselves means taking responsibility for their health
Those who believe that awareness and love are two key elements for reaching any objective, and that includes good health as well.
The book” Free yourself from back pain with the secret power of emotions” is NOT for:
Those who don’t agree with the ideas I listed above.
Those who are convinced that all ailments merely come about by chance and don’t depend on our emotional state.
Those who prefer to cure symptoms of an ailment instead of looking into the real causes, even those that are less apparent.
Those convinced that natural medicine and coaching are ineffective instead of seeing them as effective healing techniques.
But before taking the first step in freeing yourself from back pain, take a look at what those who have read the book have to say.

A must-read!

This book really helps you understand the problem at its core. Because this is the only way to resolve your back pain! It helps you understand the origin of the problem and how to change your behavior, truly finding a solution. All it takes is a bit of training and being willing to look inside yourself. Don’t miss out on this!

A book that not only helps free you from back pain, it really changes your life! Highly recommended. P. CARLA - 24 May 2016

A book that not only helps free you from back pain, it really changes your life! Highly recommended.

In my opinion, this is a book everyone should read. It gives you a totally different perspective on the causes behind back pain. And it helps you feel responsible for everything that happens to you, and take charge of your life, taking it in a freer, more autonomous direction.

In fact, after having read this book, after having read the sample stories the book talks about, I really learned a lot.
The most important thing that the book teaches you is to really express your emotions. All of them! And even though many overlook the emotional aspect, it is truly essential in understanding that this step alone can really change an entire life, in my opinion!

Honestly, I think this book is perfect for anyone. Because all of the tips the author gives are useful in general for improving your life and your health. I truly recommend it to everyone. Amazon Customer -

3 August 2016

One of a kind

Elena went beyond all of the common, well-known remedies to really explore what was a personal problem for her.

She transformed the situation and has been able to offer this information to others who have the same problem.

This book is a personal journey and also has excellent information about getting rid of back pain! Tying emotions to physical pain is the first step toward self-awareness, and it is, most of all, an act of taking care of oneself. I fully endorse this book! Don’t miss out on it. Amazon Customer -

29 June 2016

Very useful

I read this wonderful book, and I have to say it was really useful because it makes you reflect on the reason why your back hurts. It makes you think about the strong link between the body and mind.
It is the only book that has helped me get rid of my back pain. I recommend it to everyone. Amazon Customer -

24 September 2016


I really liked this book because I found it to be simple and concise. I mean, it gets right to the heart of the problem. It is truly full of precious information and suitable for everyone.

Emanuela Pignatari, naturopath
and coordinator of Modena Olistica in Modena. -

15 October 2016

What I liked about this book was the simple way it was written.

Its clarity helps you understand the emotions behind our health. Simple exercises to explore and prepare us for a journey of knowledge into our emotions. It is an invitation to accept these emotions as part of ourselves. A delightful, easy-to-understand read. Thank you Elena and good luck in your work.

Lucia Lusvardi (Manager
of the Naturasì shop in Modena).

- 22 November 2016

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