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Lack of self-esteem is a problem faced by many people. I bet you may have suffered from it at least once in your life.

Have you ever felt inadequate, helpless, having difficulties achieving your goals, inefficiency communicating to other people simply because you don’t have enough confidence in yourself?

Lack of self-esteem is a problem that can heavily limit your every day’s life. It will prevent you from being happy, expressing yourself and exhibiting your skills at best. It will also hinder you from building great relationships on a personal and professional level, and much more.

Self-esteemis vitally important. It is the only way you can affirm yourself as an individual, to be where you really belong. 

Too many times, people do not realize it is the lack of self-esteem that enslaves them to their emotions, thoughts, and negative behaviors, which negatively and constantly influence their life.

Limiting emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, sense of guilt, and fear, are fed by your low self-esteem and they are really powerful because they can negatively influence your existence.

If you keep nurturing them inside of you, it is like triggering a time bomb which will explode when you least expect it.

And when this bomb blows up, it will cause many damages on both an emotional and physical level, since science has demonstrated that the body and the mind are tightly connected with emotions which often get somaticized, causing an ailment.

Why underestimating the power of self-esteem is a mistake that must be avoided at any cost

I am saying this because I have been through it. For more than 25 years, I had to come to terms with my low self-esteem.
I felt I was inferior to others, I was always afraid of being judged, but the most absurd thing is that I was afraid of loneliness.

All these prevented me from living a good life, caused several relational problems, and a series of consecutive cases of back pain. I eventually solved my back-pain issues when I worked on my emotions and got rid of the false beliefs I had about myself

I could increase my self-esteem and attract great people into my life.

I was able to achieve this goal only when I realized that I was making my negative emotions, mostly on an unconscious level.

This new awareness allowed me to get rid of all my emotional and physical blocks, and finally start to live a serene life.

Hadn’t I touched the bottom or been a slave to sadness and dissatisfaction for several years, I would never have become the person I am today.

My transformation began a few years ago after crying the very last tears I had left.

I decided to gather the little strength I had left and appealed to the little courage I had to seek the help of a life-coach. I did this to avoid sinking into the abyss of suffering.

Using coaching and awareness techniques, I was able to transform my life from ordinary to the extraordinary, improve my relationship with everyone around me, and calmly dealt with the feeling of low self-esteem as soon as it appeared, without allowing it to burden me anymore.

Eventually, I became a coach afterward because deep in my heart, I knew that the only way I could live a wonderful life was to find the right means of expressing myself and releasing all the positive energies that were inside of me to others as well.

By working on my self-esteem and following my heart, I finally smiled at life and give myself the value I deserved

Pragmatically, today I am a writer, and I have a great self-esteem and excellent health.

I am living with a wonderful man whom I deeply love, and also had the courage to leave a job I did not like so I can completely dedicate myself to writing books and helping others.

Needless to say, I did not get all these results as if by magic. It took months and a few years of study to accomplish these goals.

I attended seminars for personal growth and training courses as well. But I felt there was always something missing I did not understand why these courses were mostly theoretical and not practical.

If I had had a practical text to increase my self-esteem when I was suffering, I would have paid handsomely for it.

That was what pushed me to write the book called:

Be the Hero of Your Life – An Instruction Manual for Self Esteem

Which you can buy today at a very convenient price

If you want to get rid of inferiority complex, overcome your sense of inadequacy, the fear of being judged, isolated, and the inability to express the best of yourself, then all you have to do is to discover the secrets nobody had ever revealed to increase your self-esteem once and for all.

When you discover these secrets, then will your dreams come true.

Only by getting to know yourself, your awareness and opening your mind to new ways of seeing things, can you reach and keep an excellent level of self-esteem


Be the Hero of Your Life” An Instruction Manual for Self Esteem

It is a very simple text anyone can read. It features exercises that will help you understand yourself better, maximize all your potentials, and increase your self-esteem.

Maybe you are still unable to see all the beauties you possess inside of you. Do you all your hidden potentials can be unleashed if only you can have that little confidence in yourself?

To unleash your unbelievable potentials, you do not need extraordinary skills, and also, you do not need to have Superman’s super-sight or the extraordinary skills of a Batman.  All you need is in you!

You and only you can become the real Hero of your life, and with a great level of self-esteem allowing you to build the life you want. You will also be appreciated and loved.

Still not convinced?

In my book, I talked about some of the laws ruling life in the Universe and how the human mind works, in order to understand its traps and potentials.

I also reveal what are the most dangerous killers of your happiness, those that prevent you from increasing your self-esteem.

But there are more! In the book you’ll find:

How I went from rags to riches.
The principles of the Law of Vibration and why it is important for your self-esteem.
Which are the secret of the unconscious mind and how to avoid all the traps of the mind that prevent you from having a good self-esteem?
The secrets to achieving all your goals, and how to schedule your time effectively.
How to make introspective cleansing and increase your self-esteem.
A series of simple and practical exercises to give you the value you deserve.
How to manage your personal evolution effectively.

This book is the result of over twenty years of studies as well as my direct experiences. Hadn’t I lived on the edge, I wouldn’t have been able to write it.

There are days I still find it hard to believe my dreams actually came true. All this happened only because I could achieve a good level of self-esteem. Isn’t it unbelievable?

If you still have doubts about the importance of self-esteem, I’d advice you to search the web and read the biographies of people who are successful, in any field.

You will surely notice what all these people have in common: the ability to face any kind of difficulty. Hadn’t they had a good dose of self-esteem, they would have never made it.

What are you waiting for?

Why not begin your journey to becoming the master of your domain and the hero of your life by increasing your self-esteem today?


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